My Car’s Windshield Cracked the Other Day!

Ok, last week my husband and I were down in the Phoenix, AZ area for one of our friends 40th birthday party. The day of, we were just driving down the freeway heading to the party and out of nowhere, I hear an extremely loud “crack”. I honestly didn’t know what it was at first so I didn’t think anything about it. We get to where we are going and I get out to take a look, and still nothing. So, we go into the party and have a great time. Afterwords, we walk back out and I see about a foot-long crack in my windshield. Apparently, I didn’t notice the little chip in the windshield at first and after some time in the heat, the chip and turned into a long crack. That is crazy! I have never experienced a cracked windshield in my life so I it was a pretty eye-opening event to say the least. Below is a picture of the cracked windshield before getting in replaced by the windshield replacement Phoenix company who just happened to have someone available at the last minute to come out and fix my windshield so I could be back on the road safely. I guess driving with a broken windshield is dangerous according to

Windshield Replacement PhoenixThe picture above is after about 3 hours in the heat. It went from a tiny little chip to a two foot long crack. WOW! One thing is for sure, these auto glass replacement Phoenix businesses are awesome and will do everything in their power to make sure your vehicle’s auto glass is fixed ASAP. Not sure what would have happened if the car sat out in the heat any longer. That crack could have spread along the whole windshield and if we didn’t get it taken care of right then, it might have broke while we were driving! Anyways, hope nobody experiences this but if you do, make sure to get a windshield replacement right away. It will be well worth it!

The Inspiration of My Home!

I am a girly girl but I do love the basics.  I really love vibrant color with clean white base boards, beautiful crown molding and plantation shutters are a must!  I guess you could say girly cozy cottage is my style.  I love to watch HGtv and get good ideas from the DIY shows.  When picking things for my home I try to stay away from fads.  Since I love change, I like to chose things I can easily still use but change out a few things to make it look new and fresh without costing a fortune.  When it comes to the more expensive items in my home like my plantation shutters Phoenix, I had to think long and hard of what I wanted because they are costly.  I was debating between faux wood blinds and real wood because they look identical and are surprisingly about the same cost.  Who knew?

Plantation Shutters 1

Plantation Shutters 2

Take a peek at that dreamy kitchen above!  So simple and clean with gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling!  Then, the gorgeous white plantation shutters with the vibrant pop of blue in the den area!  I am a little obsessive compulsive in my kitchen area.  I like it super tidy and clean there fore I like to use a lot of clean fresh colors in my decor and wall colors.

My favorite thing about DIY is taking something old and making it look new and fresh!  Below is a dresser I used to have when  I was a little girl and look at the gorgeous up do it got!  Wish I could take credit for this little vintage gem!  Here is a cool video showing some cool furnityure DIY makeovers.




DIY silver leaf dresser

I like my bedroom to be nice and neat with not a lot of clutter.  When decorating my bedroom I keep in mind the primary use for it – sleep!  Keeping things simple and natural in my bedroom let’s me wind down at the end of the day and just rest!  I love plants and lots of light during the day.  Sometimes, If I want to rest during the day, I can easily shut out the bright light with my plantation shutters.  Pictures of family is a must in my bedroom.  They are the first things I see when I wake up in the morning and the last I see before I dream away!  I love big comfy down pillows and a fluffy bed with lots leg room!  Whew, that made me tired talking about comfy beds and sleep!  Talk tomorrow~!